Flat Sandals – with socks – are back. Except, for us, they never went away.
April 14, 2014
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Flip Flop SHOP ’til you drop

Everyone has at least one pair. The shoes of summer. Depending on where you’re from, they go by many names — Zoris (short for ‘Gomu-zori, in Japanese), Thongs, Slides, “Slippahs,” Go-aheads (because apparently you can’t walk backwards in them), Tweeny-toes (because they usually go between your toes), Lord-boards (because, supposedly and most likely, they were popular during the time Jesus lived), Shower-shoes (for anyone who’s ever had to use a shared shower), and Slappies, (because that’s what they do to your feet when you walk).  But the name “Flip Flop” came about spontaneously in the 1960’s, inspired by the sound they make as they hit the bottom of one’s foot when you walk in them and it has stuck as the name lovingly used to describe them.  And do we all love them! They are so wearable, there’s no gender, age or size limitations either. Everyone wears them.

gizeh silver

But whatever you like to call them, they are the quintessential “shoes of summer,” or if you are fortunate enough to live along a beach somewhere, they are your shoes of every day choice, year round.

Presumably, flip flops have been around for 6,000 years, although there are primitive shoes in Paleolithic rock paintings, dating back to 15,000 years ago; certainly not what you’d call a “Fad.” In our times however, they can take on many forms and functions — and some really are fads — the variety is endless. Flip flops have broken the ‘not dressy enough’ barrier and become dress-up appropriate in their most bedazzled forms. And they remain the beachwear of choice everywhere. No other footwear form has spanned such a breadth of footwear, culturally or historically!

At Shoes On Solano, we love them more than everyone else.  We’re passionate about all forms of flip flops from March through September. Then our passions turn to boots!! But that’s a different blog.

We adore “FitFlops,” the most comfortable flip flop on the planet, in my opinion. Some come with jewels, others with simple, but intriguing designs, but always super comfortable. I wore them all over London last summer during a heat wave there. Our store manager even wore them with her wedding dress a year ago!  My advice? Pack your Fitflops this summer, if you want to be comfortable where it’s hot.

249X400PX_AZTEC cropped

We love TEVA’s “mush” flip flops because the sole feels like your suspended in mush (believe me, it’s much better than it sounds!). These are the “Smartcars” of flip flops — really cute, pretty lightweight and easy to park–in your suitcase that is.



We love Vionic’s incredible support — they don’t take your feet’s curves for granted! Check out this link to their “Shoe Breakup Stories”. Imagine, if you can — arch support in a flip flop! If you can’t imagine it, stop by and try them on.  We’ll save a pair for you.

Vionic tide

And we love Olukai flip flops, Hawaiian-inspired luxury leather flip flops, with custom-made anatomical footbeds, premium materials and handcrafted details that makes these flip flops beautiful, durable, and soft against your skin.  These are the ultimate flip flops for those who would wear flip flops every day if they could, like they lived in Hawaii, but actually have to walk to the bus stop to go to work or class somewhere on the mainland.20110-8H40-detail

So don’t let your feet pay the price for your summer fun. Don’t wear thin soled, non-supportive, too flat or too high, sandals that could hurt your ankles, knees and back. Give those wonderful wedges and cork soles a try — they’ll support and distribute your weight and keep you going this summer!  First stop in to see us, then, off you go!

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