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October 11, 2013
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The Wizards Of AHHHS

I was recently reminded of the classic magical ‘adventure’ movie, The Wizard of Oz, when I saw that it had been brought to the stage by Andrew Lloyd Weber, the master of all great things of the big stage.  So I got to musing about the whole concept of that iconic story… Now, there are times I’ve been referred to as “The Wicked Witch of the West,” by some, mainly in a joking context (at least, I think it was), but I’m much more like Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, (being that I am only a transplanted resident of the west, LOL).  But, I have been known to say to my awesome staff, “It’s been a good day- I haven’t needed to release the flying monkeys!” So maybe there’s something to it. Ahem.

flying monkeys

However, I do believe that we can forget that old charlatan behind the curtain and learn the truth about great shoes, and I’m not referring to ruby slippers. So let’s click our heels three times and prepare for a trip down the yellow brick road to wonderful, comfortable, great-looking shoes and boots!

ruby slippers

The concept of all the shoes we offer comes from exactly the same reason for Dorothy’s dream — our longing to want things to be different, combined with our desire to keep them all exactly the same.  We love the LOOK of uncomfortable shoes, but they are, after all, NOT COMFORTABLE.  Our concept was to combine great looking shoes with all the comfortable features of not-so-great looking shoes.  Our search led us to the wonderfully curated selection of shoes and boots we offer today.  We found something totally different, without sacrificing the style we all love.

There are so many ways to make a shoe or a boot comfortable — the insole, the outsole, the platform, the materials, the FIT, just to name a few.  Many shoe manufacturers just don’t bother with this consideration. Even some of the Haute Couture brands just ignore what would make their shoes feel better.  They make “sit down” shoes or shoes that go from the front door to the car or taxi and from the taxi to the table.  There is now a budding new industry that just makes foldable shoes that can be pulled out of your clutch and worn when you just can’t take the torture any longer.  They’re not comfortable either.

When we begin our ‘hunt’ each season for the best new footwear, we always take comfort into consideration.  We always see and LOVE lots of styles, but only a few will make the final ‘comfort cut’. We’ve found high heels that can be worn all day, boots that can be adjusted over your calf, sandals with three points of adjustability and more fashion-comfort considerations than I can even remember!  We are, “The Wizards of A-H-H-S”!  And it doesn’t stop there — when you come in our stores to try on shoes, we’ll explain all the features of those ‘cute’ shoes you are coveting.  We’re “Totally Toto” — we’re with you through the whole experience (Too much? Ok, ok, I’ll stop here). Stop by soon and prepare for your own magical adventure.

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