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April 26, 2013
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July 3, 2013
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Let the Sole searching begin

It’s funny how many shoes I own, yet I go in my closet daily searching for that “pair” that I just can’t seem to find… leading to buying another….creating a vicious cycle of a love hate relationship with my shoe closet.

Well I don’t actually have a shoe closet. I have a large closet, (luckily), over flowing with shoes.

Shoes that I covet. Shoes that I keep hidden from my daughters. Shoes that I honestly have no place to ever wear but I love them so, so much I can not part with them. Yes, I am a shoe-a-holic.


I blame my parents. See, I can do that. Why? Because  my parents own a shoe store; Shoes on Solano. You have seen it. You have walked by many times “window” shopping oodling over the wonderful shoes in the window. So with my logic, it’s their fault I have turned into the snobby shoe whore I truly am.

What’s worse? I have my all those amazing shoes but I always seem to be missing that special one, the one that will go with any skirt, dress, pant suit, whatever. You name it, I can come up with 10 reasons why me, and everyone else around me, should own that pair of shoes.

Face it, shoes are more important than ones outfit. The right pair of shoes can make or break the day. Swollen feet, tired, can’t go out for drinks because you wore the wrong shoes. Shoes hold the power over the are the comfortable good day versus the exhausted not fun ready to go home day.


I’m lucky, I know. I get to sample shoes, try stuff on at shoe shows, all that cool stuff. But guess what? You are lucky too! Because now when I find the coolest shoes, the ones you can not live without, the ones that make or break your day…I will share that news right here.

Just remember one key item; our philosophy. Shoes that provide fashion with comfort. Literally if they aren’t made well, don’t fit well, don’t feel good they never stick around long enough to make it to my closet, oh I mean the store!
So while we sole search, we invite you to come with.


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